“Gary’s special knowledge and skill in passive solar design and super- insulated construction are elements that should commend him to any church building for the 21st century.”

— Rev. Lionel R. Lindsay, New Goshen Presbyterian Church

“… exemplary design… Our analysis predicts that the house will consume only 28% as much [energy] as a typical house in the area.”

— Andy Walker, Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“You have managed to give me the house I wanted, keep within my budget and change me ever so conservatively. Thank you.”

— Gaelen Tadaro, Client

“We were both impressed with your breadth of architectural knowledge… and particularly your sensitivity in getting to know us as individuals with different needs, wants and interests.”

— Faith and Jerry Huff, Clients

“I would recommend Watrous Associates to anyone considering an expansion of office space or in designing new construction.”

— James R. Cundiff, M.D., President, Family Medicine Associates

“Mr. Watrous led [our church] through a helpful and effective master planning study… the congregation of this church enthusiastically approved.”

— Pastor Dick Neely, Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church

“The Harrods Creek Fire District can recommend your services to anyone… by the way, you were right and I was wrong. The skylights have not leaked and do provide additional free lighting for the common area.”

— Leonard Heydt, Chief, Harrods Creek Fire Department