New Goshen Presbyterian Church

  • New floor area totals 9,000 s.f.; existing building was 8,000 s.f.
  • Total cost of the project was $ 500,000 in 1994
  • At $55/s.f., the unit construction cost was well below average for our region.
  • Annual heating and cooling bills for the building are 13¢/s.f. typically.
  • The congregation enjoyed a 6-year payback on their $30,000 investment in additional glass and insulation.

Watrous Associates was especially excited about this project because our specialty in passive solar design is a perfect match for churches. Our challenge was to incorporate a large new sanctuary and classroom addition with the existing facilities of the New Goshen Presbyterian Church in Prospect, Kentucky. Construction was complete in 1994.

After several years of use, the building is the proving its worth. The interior in summer is seldom warmer than 80°F (without air conditioning) and in the winter seldom below 60°F (without heating). So the building only needs 10° of heating or cooling year-round — resulting in obvious energy savings. Super-insulated passive solar design gives church congregations the opportunity to save energy, save money, and be good stewards of the Earth at the same time.

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